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As the great Santino Rice said, "Lighten up its just Fashion." I want to share with the world my personal style and self expression. Enjoy:)

I LOVE BEES! So you can conclude I LOVE this dress! Also it matches my BEE tattoo on my knee. The print is kinda strange and if you have any insect or bee phobias I suggest you don’t look to closely! My husband got me this dress for my birthday and its such a edgy piece that is so fun to style. It is reversible so you can wear the racer in the front or back and the other side is a scoop. I like the look of it in the front because I work hard on my shoulders dang it I wanna show them off:) Also high necklines make me a happy girl. The headband is made by me! I sell them on my ETSY site if you are interested in taking a look! I will post the link at the bottom. 

Dress- Black Milk Clothing 

Shoes- Sam and Libby Sandals

Headband- Romantic Headpiece

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