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As the great Santino Rice said, "Lighten up its just Fashion." I want to share with the world my personal style and self expression. Enjoy:)

Its another work day:) Which means another work outfit:) I do love spicing up the usual slacks and sweater with cool colors and a nerdy retro silhouette. Showing off a little sock with a pop of color with ankle pants to me is so cool. If I haven’t already said it, this color of mustard happens to be my favorite color in the entire universe to wear. Topped off the look with my minty bee necklace which ties in the glasses and of course a light over coat to keep me warm. Oh fall how I love you:)

This was my outfit yesterday:) I wanted to do something retro with a little twist. You’ve seen both these pieces before but seperately:) As you know I love mixing my prints! This has to be one of my favorite print combos! Do you like it? Do you hate it? Well I can’t take my eyes off of it. I personally think polka dots go with everything so there is that. Also the night before I tried out putting my hair in pin curls for a more vintage feel. I adore the way it came out! I hope you enjoy this look!

Its Friday:) It was all about comfort today but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it cute. This is a throwback shirt from high school that I kept around because I just love the colors and what it says. I’ve been having so much fun with hair accessories since I got my new cut. This yellow polka dot bow makes days a little brighter! Its Friday people so do your thing and have a good one:)

Oh boy do I love a good hat! I found this beautiful yarn at JoAnn’s and decided it must be crocheted into a magnificent slouchy hat for my head:) Here in New Mexico its still way WAY to hot to wear a hat but it was the evening and I was going to a cafe so what the hell I decided I could be a little coffee house chic/hipster:) I love the way it came out and the color. I decided to pull out some weird shorts I got a while back. They are pretty poofy but I love the way the look came together with the crop top and the carti:) I hope you like the look!

Okay no lies this is one of my most favorite outfits I’ve ever put together. First off I got new glasses from they are called the Keiko’s in Miku Mint. I’m obsessed with these. Actually these glasses were one of the reasons I cut my hair! The shirt is a checked button up from tjmaxx and the shorts are from urban outfitters (on sale) I’m so happy with how this came out! Great outfit for these end of summer days!!!

Kooky Friday’s! Today after I got ready my I asked my husband it my outfit choice resembled the outfit choice of a small child. He paused, took a long look and replied…….yes, but you can pull it off. So I have accepted this. That being said I love being nuts like this. Its who I am. I get to decide and it brings me lots of joy. I hope others who got to see me smiled as well:) I’m wearing my coolest, “fun-est”, star wars leggings from blackmilk! a little sundress that a little too short without anything underneath. I love the floral pattern on this dress! The colors are the best! A carti because I can’t be in my cold office without one and some comfy shoes! I completed the look with a bow, because what else would a small child choose? Ooh and my lipstick is flat out fabulous by mac! One of my favorites. I hope you enjoy the look! 

Its one of those fall is coming type days in the good old Abq. Its sock weather:) Oh socks how I adore thee. This dress is a clearance find from Target last year 7$:) The shoes are NEW! They are Clarks, originally 80$ got them for 35$ on Amazon. I needed a pair of comfort shoes for work as I am on my feet alot during the fall/winter walking students around campus. These are the best. Super comfy, super stylish, and very well made. They may seem a little grandma, but hey! This girl takes care of her feet:) I’m looking forward to more days like this one! 

Shoes- Clarks Ashland India 

Socks- Knee High Socks 

Before I started this blog I had really super long hair. Then I cut it in April 2014 to donate. I was reborn out of the ashes of my long locks. Fashion and style took on a whole new dimension. Since then it had grown out quite a bit and I decided it was time for another makeover. Why the hell not. So my fall look is a little shorter, a little different, but over all a lot more fun! I’m really enjoying this bob! My natural waves fall into a great retro style that I’m totally digging. Not gonna be touching that straighter any time in the near future! A great thanks to my hairstylist for the perfect cut. I think I’ll be back to get some bangs when it cools down for another little makeover! The husband thinks I should go purple. What do you think!

Cozy Purples:) Today was a bit dreary when I opened the blinds so I decided boots it is. Pulled out one of my countless floral dresses and boom outfit done. The sweater is obvious because its chilly in my office. I never leave home without one. I don’t think I will be able to get enough of socks this season. I am ready to buy all the socks in sight! Its hard to see the details in this necklace but it has that glittery opal effect. I got it at target last night on sale:) I can’t wait to pair this with everything!

I wore this look this weekend:) YES I know all I’ve been wanting to wear is black. I could probably be content only wearing black for the rest of my life! Its nearing the end of summer but its still really hot in New Mexico. So it was a great opportunity to wear my favorite sandals. This dress is to die for. Its a Urban Outfitters clearance find. 10$!!!!!! The keyhole and the puffed up sleeves really make this dress stand out. Also I will take anything with a floral print! The feather head piece is made by me:) I have a love affair with mint <3 The sunnies and the final touch of funkiness! Forever 21 5$ can’t go wrong! I hope you like this look as much as me!

The lighting was wack today so I had to play with the filter a little bit but I decided to post anyways:) This outfit is basically brought to you by Target. Nothing new here haha. The polka dot shirt was a recent purchase (on sale) at said store. The pants are their basic skinny ankle work pants I’m sure they always have them. I can never say no to a good button up shirt. The black and white just adds that little extra something special. Black & White = classy. So just do it already. To keep with that mens wear type of look I wore some oxfords and pulled my hair back. To add that touch of feminine that it needs for balance I did a violet lip:) 

Hello:) Happy Wednesday! This look was inspired by my nails. Last night I decided to vamp it up a little with this gorgeous blood red color and I shaped them a little more almond shaped. This polish is one of my more unique ones. Its OPI “I sing in color” its a creme gloss. Its super opaque but it has a little jelly like look depending on how you apply it. It looks black in the photo but under different light you can see the beautiful red. I have to admit I’m obsessed with nail polish. You can find all my cool manicures on my nails tumblr and ig:) I’ll post the links below if you are interested!

This dress was a Dillards clearance find. Its one of my favorite pieces. It has that great retro feel with the print and the peter pan collar. My shoes are Borns and I wish I had them in every color of the rainbow. The are my favorite and I’m sad to say I’m wearing them out quite a bit. I added a few antique looking costume jewelry to finish off the look. I love that it has a tiny bit of a goth feel but its totally office appropriate. Maybe on the weekend I’ll add a dark smokey eye, darker lipstick and a little fasinator with a veil;) I’ll be sure to show you that look if I change it up! Oh and I know I’ll get asked about the lips! Its MAC’s currant lip liner with Rebel lipstick! If you don’t have rebel your life is not complete:)

TUMBLR- lovelymugglenails

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I think I’m in love, no I know I’m in love. This jacket has made my life complete. I was browsing at Target and this lovely baby was peeking out behind some of the newer fall jackets. There were only two left a Large and XXL in panic I swiftly put the large jacket on and it fit perfectly. I cinched in the drawstrings around the waist a little and voila made for me. From far it looks like a camo but up close its floral. I mean come on, how could I not take this pretty home. I decided to pair it today with a bright floral dress. A little take on hard and soft. It took a little bit of squinting into my mirror at home but I think I love this combo. What do you think?

Jacket - Anorak Jacket

Dress- Express

Hair Accessory- Floral Crown 

Lipstick- Cherry Picking 


HEARTS AND ROMPERS! This is one of my favorite outfits. I bought this romper on the cheap at forever 21 a couple years ago thinking it was one of those passing trends but I have to say rompers are here to stay! At least in my closet they are:) 

Feeling strangled by bland office attire this weekend I let a little loose and put together this outfit. The whole inspiration from this look came from my awesome vintage leather fringe ..vest?? My mother in law was cleaning out her closet with the help of my rad sister in law and found this gem and knew it had my name written all over it. I died. I can’t. Its just too amazing. I want to wear it every day. I want to be buried in it. YAY for handed down amazing pieces!I paired it with a little floral crop top from Forever 21 (no way in hell I’d pay more than 8$ for a crop top) The boots are my year round favorite shoe. I decided after seeing my bestie wear her boots with shorts that I was ridiculously stupid for missing out on a great combo for summer. I was feeling a huge lavender vibe after getting my hands on the new “Coven” studded kiss lipstick from Kat Von D, so I decided lavender eyeshadow, lavender headband, lavender lips, YEAH! I did a little bit of an ombre on the lips using a slightly more fushia lippie in the middle. I think it is a rad effect! I will list links below! XoXoXo

Boots- Khalea Combat Boots

Lipstick- Coven